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Matrix Shield
Real time protection from cybersecurity threats - included.

Starter broadband services featuring speeds up to 25 mbps are available in over 80% of our coverage area.

ULTRA broadband services featuring speeds of 25-150  mbps are available in 30% of our coverage area.

We are rapidly expanding the coverage area and adding higher speed tiers.

Reliable and Economical:

  • Unlimited data

  • Unlimited users

  • 2 week FREE trial for new sign-ups

  • Month to month contract option

  • FREE standard setup for 12 month plans

  • FREE basic WiFi router for 12 month plans

  • 100% bandwidth guarantee

Unlock your discount:

  • We are running promotions in parts of our service area.

  • You may qualify for discounts off the list prices shown below.

  • Click on "Unlock Discount" to get your custom offer.

Television and Cabinet


Unlimited Data

per month


5 mbps
  • 1 year term

  • Basic Browsing/Gaming

circuit breaker panel repair


Unlimited Data

25 mbps
  • 1 year term

  • Premium plan. Contact us to verify availability at your address.

Hands on Deck

Gold Popular Plan

Unlimited Data

per month


10 mbps
  • 1 year term

  • Streaming: Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ etc guaranteed.

Digital social media


Unlimited Data

per month


15 mbps
  • 1 year term

  • Cord cutters special. Multiple streams, games for family.

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