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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Stay up to date with service improvements and get the most value out of your broadband connection.

News update

We are now offering our ULTRA broadband plans with 50, 100 and (in limited areas) 150 mbps download plans. After 2 years of hard work on network enhancements, we are pleased to be the fastest fixed wireless service provider in your area.

No one beats us in speeds and the value we offer. If you are thinking of getting more speed, look no further. Contact us.

What about satellite internet?

Some of you have called us asking about it. Satellite internet can be acceptable as a last resort of you live on a remote jungle hilltop, for most other situations, consider the following:

Download speeds are not consistent. Speeds not guaranteed.

Uploads speeds are relatively slow.

Higher latency compared to terrestrial wireless - not suitable for serious gamers

High upfront cost - anywhere from $200 to $800

Going the extra mile - recent story

About 3 weeks ago on a Friday after 3 pm we got a call from a business who lost their fiber connection and were desperate to get back online. Long story short, our technician installed a connection Saturday and their business was up and running before noon with a static IP and fast speeds! We have a very happy customer.

What is next?

In the next update we will talk about cyber security and our recent enhancement, Matrix Shield, that brings additional safety to your connection.

Final words

Thank you for your business. You inspire our team to go the extra mile everyday. If you have any comments or concerns, please write to

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